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Business Banking – Quick Decisions / No Red Tape

Audio Transcript

Nobody does business banking better than Bank of Utica. We’re your local community bank, where you get quick decisions made daily by local staff instead of by remote loan committees located in another city or even another state. We don’t believe that bankers located far away should make decisions that affect you, your business and your community. And you won’t have to cut through red tape or worry about unnecessary policies either. At Bank of Utica, we believe every individual and business is unique so we don’t simply go by the book with a one-size-fits-all approach. We use experience and common sense to often dispense with requirements that other banks impose as a matter of routine.

Stop by, visit online at Bank of Utica dot com, or call at 797-2700 to find out how we can lend a hand. When we say we can help, we mean business. Bank of Utica – In a League all Our Own – Member FDIC