Safety Center

Financial criminals become more and more sophisticated, so we become more and more vigilant when it comes to ensuring our financial security. We urge you to spend some time to look through the links below, so that you are better educated to protect yourself and your finances.

HOW WE PROTECT YOU When you put your trust in Bank of Utica, we in turn vow to protect you to the utmost of our ability. Our long term employees are highly trained and we have top notch technology systems and stay abreast of the latest developments of cybercrime.
IDENTITY THEFT Learn how to better protect yourself from identity theft.
SAFE ATM USE Use caution to ensure your safety at an ATM.
ENHANCED ONLINE SECURITY Learn about the tools we have to protect your online banking activities including Trusteer Rapport.
LOST OR STOLEN ATM CARD If you should lose your ATM card, please notify us immediately.
SAFE ONLINE SHOPPING TIPS Protect your identity, bank account and debit card number when shopping online.