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At Bank of Utica, we’re in a league all our own. We’ve spent more than 80 years perfecting the way we do business and staying true to our roots. Since our start in 1927, right here in downtown Utica, we’ve been actively involved in helping our community grow and prosper. And while other banks have been busy building branches, we’ve built life-long customer relationships, providing you with personalized service from dedicated employees, half of whom have been with us for more than 20 years. We make quick decisions and provide you with the very best service, top rates, state-of-the-art banking technologies and a promise that we’ll be here tomorrow and for years to come.

If you value strength and stability from your bank, you’ll value Bank of Utica. Stop by, call 797-2700 or visit Bank of Utica dot com for more information. Bank of Utica – In a League all Our Own – Member FDIC