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HSA – Employer

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At Bank of Utica, the health of your business has been our business for over 80 years. Bank of Utica offers free, no-fee health savings accounts to supplement your high deductible health care plans and control your health care costs. High deductible health care plans lower premiums and maximize tax advantages for your business while providing your employees with options to meet their needs. Add a Bank of Utica health savings account and your employees can take care of their additional health care expenses using tax deductible, tax free money. It’s easy to open and here’s the best part- at Bank of Utica, you have a local provider to walk your employees through the process and answer all their questions.

For more information about Bank of Utica’s free, no-fee health savings accounts for your employees, stop by, visit Bank of Utica dot com or call 797-2700 to talk with one of our HSA specialists. Bank of Utica – In a League All Our Own. Member FDIC