eStatements, sometimes called Electronic Statements, is a Bank of Utica product that allows you to receive your monthly account statements electronically. When you download them to your computer, you can view all transactions in your account, including check images, right on your computer screen. They are green, fast, simple, secure and free.


eStatements are environmentally friendly as they save paper, which not only decreases the demand for trees and the energy used to make paper, but also produces less trash.


eStatements allow for you to receive your statements much faster than waiting for them in the mail.


eStatements allow for less clutter in your file cabinet in the form of saved paper. They are downloadable right to your computer's hard drive.


eStatements are secure as they decrease the potential for one of your paper statements to fall into the hands of an identity theft criminal.


eStatements cost you nothing!

To sign up for eStatements, you must have an account with Bank of Utica and be signed up for internet banking. When you log in, you will get a screen that asks if you would like to sign up for eStatements. You can either sign up for eStatements right then and there, you can select an option to sign up for it later, or you can decide not to sign up for it.

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